SmartLung 2000 2L

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SmartLung 2000 2L

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SmartLung 2000 is the best way to realistically simulate lungs with volumes up to 2000ml according to IEC 60601-2-12 and IEC 60601-2-13 as well as EN 794-3. 



SmartLung 2000L - The perfect simulation of adult lungs

SmartLung 2000L allows validation of functionality of a ventilator over all norms. The SmartLung 2000 has the same size as ordinary test lungs, but it comes with an adjustable compliance and an adjustable resistance from 5 up to 200 mbar/L/s. The leak-compensation of a ventilator can be tested thanks to the controllable leakage screw. It is also possible to test the patient-trigger-function with the SmartLung 2000.

The SmartLung 2000 is the best tool for testing your ventilator and anesthesia devices and an ideal addition to the flow- and pressure measurement devices FlowAnalyser and Citrex. By simply using the slider, the test lung can simulate different degrees of lung-hardness according to different standards and a simple twist of the connector is all it takes to simulate different airway-resistances.

Key benefits:

• Adjustable resistance from 5 to 200 mbar/L/s
• Adjustable compliance from 25 to 75 mL/mbar @ VT=1000 mL
• Outstanding performance for patient simulation in
ventilator trainings
• 2000 mL bag (applicable volume from 0 to 1000 mL)

Scope of delivery:

SmartLung 2000, user manual, high quality carrying bag.