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A set with a wide variaty of adapters, usefull to connect  test objects to your Analyser equipment.

The smallest possible dead space as well as minor differences in the cross-section dimension of the flow current help increase measurement accuracy.



Adapter set with 12 adapters for different kind of test objects.

Following adapters and tubes are included in the set:

1x High pressure adapter DISS O2
1x Silicon tube red 4mm (ID)
1x Silicon tube transparent 20/26mm (ID/AD)
1x Adapter 15/22 (ID/ID)
2x Adapter 15/22 (ID/AD)
1x Adapter 22/22 (ID/ID)
1x Adapter 22/22 (ID/AD)
1x Adapter 15/15 (AD/AD)
1x Adapter 15/22 (AD/AD)
1x Adapter elastic 15/9-11 (ID/ID)
1x Adapter 15/10 (AD/AD)

All adapters are made out of high quality material and have no negative effect to measurement values.